Together We Can enables Kent students to participate in Community Outreach in a meaningful way. Student volunteers have the opportunity to select a cause, one or more non-profit partners and their particular role on a grade-level team. Each team will then create collective impact events in spring and fall to support their effort of choice. Types of collective impact events include:


Each school year, the following hours are necessary to complete the recommended grade level commitment:

  • 5th Graders: 5 hours

  • 6th Graders: 6 hours

  • 7th Graders: 7 hours

  • 8th Graders: 10 hours


Now, volunteers can track hours through Track it Forward. For students, credit will be applied to Kent requirements. Tracked hours will be tallied each month and publicly celebrated. To track your hours, search Together We Can Kent on the Track it Forward page and add your email and password.  Then start tracking!



Steering Committee Roles and Responsibilities

  • Help develop and disseminate participation survey
  • With grade-level team, help develop and disseminate survey on possible events and beneficiaries
  • Run Lunch Club at Kent on Fridays (do not have to attend every Friday)
  • Help collect and record information on completed community service
  • Collect information from grade level team parents on planned events
  • Disseminate monthly communication on  opportunities and impact
  • Coordinate with grade-level teams and community partners as necessary

Grade-Level Roles and Responsibilities

  • Work with Steering Committee to identify interested students
  • House and manage list of participating students
  • Work with Steering Committee and students to determine grade-level effort and desired collective impact
  • Execute effort with students and identify final impact through meetings or other chosen mode of planning
  • Do outreach to community as necessary for event execution
  • Participate in end-of-year celebration

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